Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

How does it work?

By delivering and managing your Wi-Fi Network via a dashboard in the cloud, you can reduce the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers. You can drill down to any access point, create network-wide guest access policies, report on end device types and much more.

  • Seamless Corporate Access. Centralised Active Directory or RADIUS authentication means that your corporate registered devices will automatically connect to any of your Wi-Fi access points without having to authenticate each time.
  • Built-in, advanced security. Segment wireless users, applications, and devices; secure your network from attacks and enforce the right policies for each class of users. We can also run reports in the Dashboard to check Wi-Fi network policies for PCI compliance and indicate potential gaps.
  • Analytics. To ensure you are aware of all activity on your network, data on your managed Wi-Fi network can be viewed in real-time. It shows metrics such as repeat visits, capture rate and dwell time.
  • Application Control. You are able to ensure that business critical software is given priority and wasteful bandwidth consumption is eliminated by setting application level policies.
  • Guest Wi-Fi. A complete guest solution is achievable without extra appliances, licenses or complex configurations. Guest users can log into your Wi-Fi network through a customisable splash page, with and without passwords, bandwidth limits or time limits and content filtering policies can be applied.

ZenTec Network Solutions offers a personalised service catering to unique business goals of all our clients. Our experienced consultants work with clients to understand their current structure, evaluating your current and future needs as a business.

We offer a range of solutions, including

  • IT strategy and future planning
  • Network architecture and design
  • Project management and delivery
  • Integration and deployment
  • 3rd Party Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

How is it used?

Based on your requirements, Network consulting and design solutions can be utilised to optimise your existing network infrastructure or a new network solution.

What are the benefits?

Network-wide management and visibility: A single interface for visibility and management across all networks available via a clear and easy to use dashboard.

  • A fully managed service: Managed Wi-Fi Networking allows businesses to continue with their business as usual while ZenTec Network Solutions manage the end points, monitor and push updates. Any failures are logged and a replacement unit is sent to site in a timely fashion.
  • Separated guest and business networks: Securely segmented guest and business networks can be provisioned with unique SSID’s and passphrases. Additional services and configurations can be deployed on request as a small project such as radius/LDAP authentication.
  • Ability to tailor solution to meet business requirements: Because no business is the same.
  • Engage closely with customers: By providing information and value-add services to guests according to location. You can also gain new revenue resources by sending tailored marketing messages.
  • Take full advantage of BYOD: Allow multiple users and devices to connect securely to the network according to your access policies.

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