How does it work?

Web security can be provided in a variety of ways but all provide the same functionality. Some ways of delivering web security are:

  • Agent based
  • Gateway based
  • Cloud based

Using methods such as ssl decryption and website reputation. Web security services inspect the website that you are visiting and the data being received from this site. From there, the web security may block a portion of the web site or the entire thing. Thus, protecting your network from malicious threats.

How is it used?

Web security is used by all businesses who understand that no matter how vigilant their staff are when browsing the web, they can still become compromised. Implementing web security can be low cost so appeals to all budgets and business sizes.

What are the benefits?

Web security will act as the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your company network. With correct policies in place, you can be confident that your user’s a less likely to accidentally allow malicious content onto your network.

Ensuring that your web security is always in place, staff can roam outside of the office using home and public connections, all while being protected from your web security solution.

How can we help?

ZenTec Network Solutions can help in advising you of the best solution that will fit your business needs. We can also help in the setup and install of the solution you chose to move forward with.

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