Network Security

Network security

Network security is a solution that combines both hardware and software to protect the entire network from unauthorised access. Most commonly seen with the deployment of virtual and physical firewalls but can also be deployed as: Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Malware Protection etc. All of these types of network security are deployed to prevent certain parts of your network becoming compromised.

How does it work?

Think of it that everything on your network to be trusted and everything else in the world to be untrusted. This is how a networks security works, behavioural based analytics to advanced malware protection, everything is scanned in different ways to determine if the request for data is legitimate and controls the flow to help ensure uptime and prevent attacks.

How is it used?

Regardless of how your data is backed up weather that be with onsite hardware or in the cloud, network security is recommended to be implemented on all business networks. From the smallest of businesses through to enterprise businesses. Network security is a key component to ensure a safe and secure environment for data.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of implementing network security are quite simple

  • Improved uptime
  • Protection against data loss
  • Restriction if unauthorised access

These are just some of the key benefits of implementing security. Downtime and data loss alone can potentially put a company out of business which is why many businesses today are taking network security serious.

How can we help?

ZenTec Network Solutions can design, implement and manage your network security for your business no matter what the size. Together, with our partners we can give you some of the best network security services available. Call us to ensure your network is secure today.

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