IT Manager Services

At ZenTec Network Solutions we have the leadership you need, we have professional can that fill the role as IT Manager. With the evolution in current technology, whatever the size of your organisation, whatever your industry, you need the manpower behind these roles. We help you plan a strategy for your information technology with costs, system lifecycles, and business processes in mind.

How does it work?

ZenTec Network Solutions IT Manager Services, with extended IT support, are offered to your business as an outsourced program instead of expensive permanent hiring. You gain the highest level of IT and expertise to manage your IT operations. Our educated team of professionals will first need to understand your business and goals.

We work with everyone in your business to evaluate your business and create an outsourcing plan designed to assess, develop and implement current technologies that will meet your business objectives and goal. We provide you with professionals to design a strategic technology plan and then provide the leadership options you desire. We are prepared to manage your entire technology department and staff based upon your needs.

How is it used?

We want to react to your needs in order to improve your return on investment. Our otsourced IT Manager package provides consulting and IT services for businesses of all sizes. We work to maximise your investments and make the best critical business decisions.  The overall goal behind outsourcing services is to improve outcomes, align expectations, and reduce uncertainty.

Our professionals focus on technology management services

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data
  • Desktops/Laptops
  • Performance
  • Project Management
  • And more

Our specialised IT Manager services team approach will improve your business, increase productivity, ensure positive outcome, and save you money.

What are the benefits?

By investing in outsourced IT Manager Service, you put your businesses complex IT infrastructure into educated, experienced and capable hands. Our team will work on a strategy for your business that will provide superior management, improve your infrastructure, rely on current technologies, and reduce costs. With our IT Manager Service your business will benefit from:

  • Management level experience for assessing and planning your IT needs
  • Recommendations and prioritisation for your IT projects
  • Support for planning annual IT budgets
  • Current technology and efficient design for integrated solutions
  • Scalable options for your changing business
  • Current trends and efficiencies in IT infrastructure


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