Email security

How does it work?

Email security works by using a multi-layered approach to filtering. Advanced behavioural analysis along with solutions such as anti-virus and content filtering are used to protect emails coming inbound and also going outbound.

Take a cloud based email security system from ZenTec Network Solutions for example. The email is sent from a malicious or non-malicious sender. The contents (including attachments) are scanned using a variety of methods to determine if the email if genuine or not. Should the email be deemed unsafe, it will be contained in quarantine for user review of deleted altogether before it even hits your network entry point.

How is it used?

Email security is seen almost everywhere and you are likely to be using some form of it now through an enterprise solution or even your private Gmail, Microsoft account. The likes of Microsoft and Google are processing hundreds of millions of emails and are able to use this data to improve the security they provide on their systems.

Be it a cloud based solution, or an on premise appliance software. Email security is used by all businesses looking to secure such critical business functionality.

What are the benefits?

Correct security policies in place can prevent spoofing and phishing attacks that can prevent sensitive data from leaving the organisation. As email is such a common communication method, it becomes one of the most exploited which is why email security should be high on the list for any business.

Beyond the appliance and cloud based security solutions. ZenTec Network Solutions can also assist in the people side of email security. For example, email protection cannot block every malicious email that comes through, and it never will. To help address this, ZenTec Network Solutions  can provide training to your staff so that they better understand what these emails look like and how to react. This will add another layer to email security.

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