Data Storage

Data storage comes in many flavours and is accessed in many different ways. The world we live in today requires data to constant flow around the globe and be stored in a variety of ways depending on the access method. Storage comes in configurations such as: NAS storage, SAN Storage, software defined storage, cloud storage, flash storage.

How does it work?

Storage isn’t purely used for just ‘storing’ data. It plays a vital role in the performance of the many applications that we use today. ZenTec Network Solutions can identity which storage requirements best fir your business needs. Be it high end application delivery or long term archival requirements. ZenTec Network Solutions are experienced enough to find the best solution and cost.

How is it used?

Have you ever used an app on your phone? Sent an email or visited a website? Everything we use on our phones, computers, security requires storage.

What are the benefits?

Storage performance can be implemented to allow for end applications or intensive reports to be executed. With the massive increase in consumption of data over the last few years along with expected increase. ZenTec Network Solutions can help you put a plan in place to help control and minimise the amount of data required. This can result in the following benefits:

  • Reduced datacentre footprint
  • Lower backup costs
  • Reduction in waiting times

How can we help?

ZenTec Network Solutions can help you design and deploy your on premise storage network or cloud solution. We are experienced with technologies which can improve your business functionality.

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