IT Asset Management

The fact that IT infrastructure is growing is undisputed, each day new users are being added and as a result so are IT assets both in hardware and software. ZenTec Network Solutions removes the burden and responsibility of office managers or other internal staff to track and manage these assets.

How does it work?

IT assets management is a set of business practises to support life cycle management and strategic decision making for your IT environment. Managing IT assets allows you to get maximum value from the use of the assets, track IT inventory and optimise inventory purchase decisions.

How is it used?

IT asset management provides you the means to achieve complete visibility into your IT infrastructure inventory, helping you gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • What systems and equipment exist
  • Where the hardware resides
  • How they are used
  • What they cost
  • When were they added to the inventory
  • Whether they have an exipry date
  • How they impact IT and business services
  • Helps with your business contents insurance

What are the benefits?

This level of visibility into asset details will help organisations improve infrastructure efficiency and performance as well as minimise related overhead expenses. All businesses, in one way or another, perform IT asset management. It is important to implement IT Asset Management practises intelligently, in order to achieve IT operational efficiency, financial accountability of asset purchase, simpler auditing and compliance, and long-term asset manageability and maintenance, at ZenTec Network Solutions this is something we do very well

How can we help?

ZenTec Network solutions can provide you with a complete asset management solution to save your business time, money.

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